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Unleash your creativity, strengthen your team, and open your heart with our Heart-Opening Cacao Experience! These transformative packages are designed to help you connect with your inner self and others through the heart-opening properties of cacao, team building activities, and concept creation sessions. You'll embark on a journey of self-discovery, letting go of blockages and tapping into your inner wisdom. With a focus on community, creativity, and ritual, this package is sure to leave you feeling inspired, energized, and connected to something larger than yourself!

Heart to Heart

Cacao Ceremony & Team Building Experience

Connect & Create

VIP Cacao Ceremony

& Concept Creation

Open Hearts, Open Minds

Cacao Ceremony &

Team Building Retreat

VIP 1:1 Akashic Wisdom &

Heart Opening 

1:1 VIP Cacao Heart Opening Ceremony

& Akashic Wisdom

TADAA Heart Opening Ceremony

Gratitude, Abundance, and Unity: TADAA CACAO Heart Opening Ceremony & Potluck – Nourishing the Soul Together

Join us on April 4th at 5pm for an uplifting experience at the Enchanted Oasis as we celebrate the launch of TADAA CACAO and host our first Heart Opening Ceremony.

We will kick off the event by immersing ourselves in gratitude, recognizing that living in a state of gratefulness elevates our vibration to its highest potential. We'll express our deep appreciation to the source and honor the tribes dedicated to cultivating the lands and farming this amazing superfood. Then, we will surround ourselves with the soothing vibrations of a Sound Bath led by Harrylicious, as we collectively release what no longer serves us and step into our most abundant frequencies.

During this gathering, we will conduct a Breath-work workshop to activate and prepare us for our Abundance Supercharged 21-Day Meditation Journey, designed to help you unlock the boundless miracles within. Following the meditation, stay and connect with like-minded individuals until 11:11 pm as we create a nourishing and supportive atmosphere of gratitude and abundance.

After our meditation, we will gather to have a dinner potluck, so please bring your favorites. We are also delighted to offer Akashic readings, Reiki healing, Tarot, and more, presented by Myla, Brittany, and other gifted practitioners. If you feel called to share your skills and provide a service, please send us a direct message to be included on our list.

Embrace this extraordinary opportunity to spark your inner growth, revel in the abundant blessings of TADAA CACAO, and create cherished TADAA moments filled with gratitude.


What to Bring?

  • Yoga mat and comfy pillows/blankets

  • Potluck food/treats

  • donations for the SoundBath, Healers, and TADAA

1235 S Stephora st
Glendora, ca 91740

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