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Introducing our Ceremonial Cacao – a divine elixir that brings you closer to nature and the essence of your being. Sourced from the heart of the rainforest, our high-quality cacao is ethically harvested to ensure the best experience for you and the environment.


Rich in antioxidants, essential minerals, and mood-enhancing compounds, our ceremonial cacao offers numerous health benefits. As you savor its complex and earthy flavors, feel your body and mind rejuvenating, paving the way for clarity and well-being.But our ceremonial cacao is more than just a delicious treat; it's a powerful tool for spiritual growth. As you indulge in its velvety texture, allow its high vibrational energy to resonate with your own. This sacred synergy unlocks the door to manifesting your desires with greater ease and harmony.​


Embrace the ancient wisdom of ceremonial cacao and embark on a transformative journey towards elevated consciousness and abundant living.

Nothing else added.
 Unsweetened and ready to be used in all of your favorite chocolate creations!


Heirloom variety of single origin Criollo cacao, stone ground at temperatures never reaching above 112 F: "truly raw", and made from the finest Peruvian Criollo cacao nibs that are fermented & sundried, fair trade sourced from a co-op of family owned farms in Peru.


  • Cacao Ceremony
  • Energizing Elixir
  • Homemade Chocolate & Fusions


  • Daily ritual


  • Rich in antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and essential amino acids
  • Natural anti-depressant
  • Natural aphrodisiac
  • Increased concentration, focus and mental clarity
  • Increased blood circulation
  • A natural stimulant and nutritious superfood

100% Pure Raw Ceremonial Cacao Heart Opening Cacao - Peru

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